20 Years of Excellence

Soil Testing & Engineering Ltd. (STL) was founded in 1999 with a commitment to provide high-quality professional services in the fields of geotechnical and environmental engineering. As the firm grew and evolved, we broadened our services to meet the needs of various clients. This expansion led to the development of our sister company, EDB International, which offers planning, design, surveying, civil and residential engineering services to government agencies as well as private and public sector clients.


We grow alongside our partners in order to provide the best possible service.

We pride ourselves on our unique strengths, which include:


  • Easy, comprehensive communication
  • Thorough understanding of client issues and objectives
  • Creative planning backed by sound engineering
  • Careful attention to schedule and budget
  • Courteous professionalism
  • Safety for all employees and partners


STL is a prequalified S/M/DBE with many government agencies. We are also EDGE and MBE certified with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. We are a registered professional engineering firm in Ohio and Illinois. While also being prequalified with the Ohio Department of Transportation to provide various civil engineering, surverying, and geotechnical engineering services. 


Our Team!

"Even very complex problems can be broken down into components for which sensible solutions are available." - Shafi Alam

Our team of dedicated individuals across the state are guided by the company president Shafi Alam PE. With a culture that is focused around working together to accomplish the goals of our clients in a time efficient and effective manner. It's no surprise that our clients are thrilled with the quality of work we provide, because we enjoy doing the work. No matter the size of the project our team has worked hard to conquer them all.


A Team of ExpertsCrafting Creative Solutions







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